Pax Automata

Pax Automata

Machines don't have passions.

After the socially psychotic first 70 years of the 21st century, scientists and social planners managed to come up with a Web-based algorithm for regulating international affairs. It was only a short time before this regulation trickled down to national affairs, and regional matters, on its way to but not quite yet micromanaging individuals.

War is over. Period. "Liberation" of third world nations is a global mandate of the "civilized" states and continues, but war as it was known for millennia is over.

Most of civilized humanity (some dissidents call it "domesticated humanity") embraces the tremendous peace and security of the Pax Automata.

Those who resist do so by any means necessary, including violence, and are declared to be anarcho-terrorists or ATs.

Welcome to Robotopia.

Pax Automata

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