There was a race known as the Athym who were brilliant arcanists.

As the art of the Athym increased, they longed to hide their machinations and emulate the beautiful natural ways of their comfortable planet.

They replaced their strange and marvelus machinery by creating powerful servants called the Gargan. Then they created a new generation of servant-companions called the Phey.

When the Phey were barely a generation old, the Athym began to grow very ill. They declined in strength and numbers.

The Gargan leadership harbored suspicions that the Phey were favored by the Athym, and were intended to replace them. Seeing the opportunity in the Affliction of Athym, the Gargan rebelled. The Phey fought to defend the Athym, but the Gargan killed every last Athym on the planet.

After the Athym died there was a brief peace between the “Elder” and the “Younger,” Gargan and Phey … but then the Gargan, too, began to sicken. The Affliction visited the first "sons" of the dead Athym.

Now the Phey wonders if they, too, will weaken and die, and are seeking a cure for their Gargan brethren — and salvation for themselves.

But the Affliction is also destroying the minds of the Gargan, and the growing majority are beginning to blame their illness on the Phey (“Revenge for their beloved Athym!”). Before they die, the Gargan leaders are considering hunting down and killing all Phey.

Welcome to Athym’s World, a virtual tabletop (“VTT”) game using the RisUS RPG system by S. John Ross.

No classes. No levels. Come up with a character idea within the seven (so far) races, name him (or her), and describe his abilities as you imagine them.

The "table" for this game is the Web-browser-based SceneGrinder system. Visit SceneGrinder dot calm to learn about this virtual tabletop (VTT) technology that allows anyone with fast Internet and $3 a month (Pay a year and get 3 months free) can meet to role play.

Players will need to have a Skype account for playing in-character with the others. The game is intended to be immersive with minimal out-of-character chatter. This will also result in more actual game play in shorter time.

The nature of SceneGrinder is such that you can never be certain if the person you deal with is the GM, or a player. Play nice. :)

Ghosts of the Athym